A Taste of Korea

22 May - 29 July 2015 London

Omer Tiroche Contemporary Art is proud to present an exhibition of contemporary Korean art at its new Mayfair premises. This elegantly curated show brings together the fantastic and lyrical visions of established artists such as Bae Bien-U, Chun Kwang-Young and Ho Ryon-Lee, as well as newer talent such as Kwon Kyungyup, Jung Hee Do and In-Gyu Han.

Having emerged alongside an extraordinary era of economic, cultural and social transformation, contemporary Korean art is characterised by a fusion of age old tradition and creative experimentation. The works presented here are no exception: a silicone woman laid on her tomb-like plinth breathes in, appearing to wither before your eyes; a hand transplanted into a forehead- as comically grotesque as an ear on a mouse- is rendered life like in black and red biro Spirograph scribbles; an intricate pencil drawing of Van Gogh decays into gnarled tree branches; painted strings reveal arms outstretched as though playing the harp, a shimmering optical vibration.


Surveying the relatively new and rapidly evolving world of Korean Contemporary art, this is an unmissable snapshot of some of the most diverse and compelling artists working today.

Featured artists: Bae Bien-U | Lee Byung Ho | Kim Dong Yoo | In-Gyu Han Young-Wook Han | Jung Hee Do | Seung Hyun Lee | Kwon Kyungyup | Chun Kwang-Young | Seungyea Park | Ho-Ryon Lee | Bahk Seon Ghi | Hong Sungchul | Ji Yong Ho

Installation Views