Desperate ApeWives x Omer Tiroche Gallery

24 February - 6 May 2022 London

Desperate ApeWives (DAW) is an NFT community and platform that drives the evolution of people, artists, and brands in Web3 and beyond.


The DAW collection originally dropped 10,000 assertive female ape characters in October 2021. Soon after, DAW #845, which featured characteristics inspired by Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, sold for a record-breaking 87 ETH ($390,000 at the time of sale).


DAW is collaborating with Omer Tiroche Gallery to bring an exhibition of their NFTs to Mayfair. The show will feature a selection of DAW’s bold figures, which were one of the of the first NFT collections to feature female personas. It is timed to coincide with the launch of House of DAW, a metaverse-native fashion brand bringing together a team of the top talents of fashion with the aim of building the luxury brand of tomorrow.


DAW’s vision is a world of creative freedom for all, where everyone can express themselves through a DAW character and can make and share derivative art, music, writing, merchandise, and more. It is a community where all artists have a platform to push the limit of what’s possible, to have a wider impact with their work, and where brands are finding ways to represent themselves, both in the metaverse and every day contemporary life.

Installation Views